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The website launched

The website on Vinoba’s life, literature and work, hosted by Paramdham Prakashan (Pavnar), publishers and copyright-holders of Vinoba’s literature, and created by MKCL Ltd, was launched at Pune on 23 November 2017, in a well-attended function organised by MKCL Ltd. at Tilak Smarak Auditorium at the hands of Dr. Abhay Bang, known for his pioneering work in the field of public health. Dr. Ram Takwale, Chief Mentor, MKCL Knowledge Foundation; Vivek Sawant, Managing Director of MKCL Ltd; Uday Panchpor, Senior General Manager of MKCL Ltd and Dr. Parag Cholkar of Paramdham Prakashan, co-ordinator of the website, were also seated on the dais. Revati Namjoshi General Manager conducted the proceedings.

Dr. Parag Cholkar spoke in the beginning about the background and the process of creating the website and its salient features. He also dealt with a few misconceptions about Vinoba and Bhoodan and underlined the relevance of Gramdan. Dr. Abhay Bang spoke at length on Vinoba’s works and explained how Vinoba approached everything with a non-violent and non-dualistic attitude and rued the fact the people, including himself, failed to appreciate Vinoba’s viewpoint.

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