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‘The Earth is the Lord’s – Saga of Bhoodan-gramdan Movement’ published

Bhoodan-Gramdan movement is a glorious chapter in the history of Independent India. Never and nowhere in the recorded history has land been collected for the landless on such a scale through moral suasion only. Contrary to popular belief, at least 25 lakh (2.5 million) acres of Bhoodan lands have been distributed so far to the deserving needy persons in a transparent manner.

The Movement not only tried to solve an urgent and complex problem in a non-violent way, but also tried to bring about total transformation in man and society.

‘The Earth is the Lord’s – Saga of Bhoodan-gramdan Movement’, written by Parag Cholkar, is a comprehensive and authentic account of this revolutionary Movement. It presents before us a clear picture of the Movement, answers many questions and dispels many doubts. Besides chronicling the history of the Movement, the book also tries to evaluate it.

The book of 551 pages has been priced at Rs. 450 only. The interested may order it from ‘Paramdham Prakashan, Pavnar, Dist. Wardha, Maharashtra, Pin 442111’ (Ph. 09822565574; e-mail - Discount/commission will be given for bulk purchase and to book-sellers.