Acharya Vinoba Bhave

Acharya Vinoba Bhave

11 September 1895 - 15 November 1982

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"I claim that I am moved by love. I have nothing but love, not only for every man but also for every being—not only absence of hatred but positive love. I see the Lord in every face. I do not deal in opinions, but only in thought. Thought is not walled in or tied down, it can be shared with people of goodwill; in this way thought grows and spreads.

There is nothing so powerful as love and thought—no institution, no government, no ‘ism’, no scripture, no weapon. I hold that these, love and thought, are the only sources of power. It is my firm conviction that a spark of true knowledge can burn down all the problems in the world. With this conviction I have spent all my life in the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge.

During the course of my work, I have aimed at finding out how difficulties of every kind in the life of society, and in the life of the individual, may be overcome by non-violence. That is my chief task. I certainly used the problem of land as my framework, but my basic aim is to teach and commend the idea of Samyayoga—of unity and equality—and compassion."

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